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In Pet Chikitsa Veterinary Hospital, all kinds of surgeries are performed if required whether it is minor or major. We duly follow surgical procedures, even specialized procedures and also well equipped to operate on all kinds of pets.

Special / Super Specialized OPD

Pet Chikitsa Veterinary Hospital is fully equipped to attend general OPDs , special and even superspecilaized OPDs. We have all modern equipments to examine your lovely poochies.


Our hospital follows international vaccination schedules for all kind of pets. Since prevention is better than cure so as a pet parent you must know about their immunizations since they form an important part for their health and lifespan.

Emergency 24X7

Pet Chikitsa Veterinary Hospital is fully equipped for attending all emergencies during odd hours of night. We have all modern facilities to help, stabilize and to save your pet life.


Boarding is one facility which we provide as an add-on facility for our clients only. Pet Chikitsa Veterinary Hospital provides good upkeep of the pet when you are not around. The special benefit is that your babies stay right under our observation.


Grooming is an intense requirement for every pet. Some take care of themselves but to many, you need to pay attention. Pet Chikitsa Veterinary Hospital provides special grooming facility- medicated wash, shampoo blow dry and hair trimmings with more add-on facilities.

Vet Shop / Pet Shop

Pet Chikitsa Veterinary Hospital has a vet shop providing all kinds of medicines and also a pet shop where you can buy all kind of accessories for your lovely pets. We have special high range quality foods available specifically to vets.

X-Ray / USG / ECG

Today being a diagnostic era, Pet Chikitsa Veterinary Hospital is well equipped with the latest technology – X-Ray machine, HD quality Ultrasound machine and also electrocardiography. We are fully capable of diagnosis of your poochies.


Pet Chikitsa Veterinary Hospital provides all types of medicinal support in variety of cases. Pet Chikitsa Veterinary Hospital is fully capable of handling medicinal issues of all kinds of pets- dogs, cats, birds, guinea pigs and bunnies.

Our team


What our clients say

Dr. Parmod & Dr. Garima are the best doctor’s for your furry baby. They take care of your baby like their own.
Also Dr. Parmod’s way of explaining the situation is unbeatable. He listens to the history of the baby, your problems and then provides you with solutions. Expect deep conversations with him.
I would highly recommend Pet Chikitsa to all those who love their pets and their own babies.

Payal Sehgal

Dr.Pramod and Dr. Garima are the lifesavers we needed for our Dopey, 3-year-old Labrador retriever. Thanks a ton for taking care of Dopey and helping us out in a desperate time. Dopu will never forget the warmth and love you gave him.

Gopika S Pillai

Awesome pet care. Both Dr. Garima and Dr. Pramod are very caring and take care of the pets as their own. I shifted to Noida from Gurgaon but due to the quality of service, i still went to Pet Chikitsa Veterinary Hospital in Gurgaon.
You Both are doing a great Job. Keep it up

Alex Prasad

By far the best vet we have come across in Gurgaon. Wish we had known about Dr. Parmod before it was too late. Thank you Doctor for agreeing to see Dexter even at 2AM. We will forever be grateful to you for everything.

Debolina Chaudhuri

We took our 3 year old Caesar to Dr Parmod after he was puking profusely in the middle of the night. Dr Parmod was available to check him at that time. He found out that Caesar had swallowed something and did the surgery next day. Caesar stayed at the hospital for around 5 days and felt like home. They really take care of the pets like their own.

Suraj Dubey

I took my kid to Dr. Pramod in a very critical condition at the time of her delivery. He not only handled the situation brilliantly but also restored my faith that no mishappening willtake place. Dr. Garima is equally charming and hospitable. All because of them my daughter is with me. I would give 10/5, if i may so. Totally recommend the clinic.

Alka Nupur

I had an emergency situation with Sultan (my boxer dog) at around 12 in the night. He was panting quite badly and had difficulty in breathing. I was quite stressed and luckily found pet chikitsa on google, which is open 24/7. Pramod, the vet doctor, was very helpful and treated Sultan quite nicely. He examined Sultan extensively and even did an x-ray to ensure we get to the root cause. He also called me for next 2-3 days to take updates on sultans condition.
I would definitely recommend Pet Chikitsa to every pet owner.

Saurabh S

I am really glad to find pet Chikitsa which has 24/7 facility for our doggos. My girl Daisy was given an amazing treatment for her ticks and it’s a place with genuine cost no added or hidden expenses. I am totally happy and would recommend it 100%

Pallavi K Singh

Nice doctors and nice environment. They treat the pet like their own pet and your pet will love the way they treat him. Both doctors are very knowledgeable and have a good experience. Best of all these is they will tell you the actual reason behind the cause of the illness. Overall I love the place and recommend every pet owner to give them a chance.

Sparsh Sharma

Nice service with dedication and lots of enthusiasm and in-depth love for pets

Keep it up guys
All the best

Aditya Sharma

Doctor Pramod and his team have been super helpful and kind. He has made personal visits to vaccinate my strays. He feels compassion for the animals and works from the heart. I would recommend his services.

Devina Badhwar

Who we are?

PET CHIKITSA VETERINARY HOSPITAL was started to serve the ailing pets. the clinic was started with the aim to reach out to the ones in need may it be Ferrel pets or domesticated. It has two strong pillars Dr. Parmod and Dr. Garima specialized in their Veterinary Medicine & Veterinary Surgery respectively. our team has a common compassion for helping out the lovely babies. Currently, the hospital is acting as a referral center for diagnostics and especially EMERGENCY CARE. Our hospital will always stand as its name..ready to treat with love always.
The greatest asset of Hospital for clients is that we are available 24*7..we'll be happy to serve u all. At odd hours of the night.🙂

Being Humane
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